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près de Santa Maria di Castellabate, Campania (Italia)

La photo est prise depuis les hauteurs de castellabate au fond le port de san Marco puis la pointe de Licosa

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  • Photo de bombaybelle

    bombaybelle 26 août 2016

    When I attempted this path, it might be that the tide was high, but there were some corners of U-shaped coves where the only way to get around the rocky corner was to step into the water and around. The water is very shallow, so this is not impossible, but be prepared. Also worth noting that there is gate at Ogliastro that is sometimes closed. Again as shown above it looks like the mapper walked along the water to avoid the gate, but on the day I attempted it would have required stepping into the water, which I wasn't ready for. I managed to exit the other way into some trees and through the parking. The path from Licosa to Ogliastro is lovely.

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