Temps en mouvement  3 hours 18 minutes

Durée  5 hours 59 minutes

Coordonnées 2040

Publié 7 janvier 2019

Recorded janvier 2019

635 m
247 m
13,37 km

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près de Seraaïl, Liban-Nord (Lebanon)

Green and easy, with Phoenician tombs, And a river cross

2 commentaires

  • Photo de ziad abboud

    ziad abboud 2 mai 2019

    Hey norlena I'm glad I'm helping ppl love Lebanon, you made me so happy knowing that you like my trails,
    In this occasion their was no bridge and the river was low when we crossed it,
    Also note that this hike was guided by https://www.facebook.com/tirbo.aventurero he is a professional guide and a friend, check out his page and support him :)

  • Norlena 2 mai 2019

    My comment was deleted by mistake. Sry. Thanks Ziad. We went back our steps up to moghr l ahwal village. Crossing was impossible in our case. Surely ill check his page. Thanks again!

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