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Durée  2 days 20 hours 53 minutes

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Publié 1 juin 2018

Recorded juin 2018

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près de Zhalang, Yunnan (China)

Day 1 : 4 hours 30 walking from Feilasi road to Xidang Hotsprings.
I hitchhiked from Shangri-La to Feilasi. I started to hike around 3 kilometers after Feilasi (the first paved road on your left). I first walked on the paved road until Zhalang and then on a little track down to Xidang, and then up to Xidang Hotspring. Overnight in Xidang Guesthouse next to the hot springs. The restaurant close at 7pm.
Day 2 : 5 hours walking from Xidang Hotsprings to Upper Yubeng. This part of the track is the hardest. Overnight in Upper Yubeng.
Day 3 : 9hours30 walking = 5hours15 from Upper Yubeng to the Glaciar lake and back to Upper Yubeng in the morning. Then 4hours15 from Upper Yubeng to Shengi waterfall and back to Lower Yubeng in the afternoon. I forget to record the treck to Shengi. Overnight in Lower Yubeng. If you have time and a good weather, I would recommand to spend one day at the Glaciar Lake and an other day at Shengi Waterfall.
Day 4 : 4 hours walking from Lower Yubeng to Ninong. From there I hitchhiked back to Shangri-La. But there are also many van-taxis waiting. And you also arrange your departure in the guesthouses in Yubeng.
End of the paved road Beginning of the walking path
It took me 3 hours to walk from Feilasi maim road to here.
Dorm 40 yuan Room 60 yuan
Dorm 40 yuan Meal minimum 20 yuan Wifi and hot shower
Dorm 30 yuan

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  • Photo de Florence R

    Florence R 1 juin 2018

    Just for info, the altitude levels are wrong. The highest point is 3800metera

  • bikebela 17 nov. 2018

    Thanks for sharing!! Is there guesthouse in upper and lower yubeng? I want to do next week :)

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