Durée  6 hours 22 minutes

Coordonnées 1966

Publié 23 juillet 2010

Recorded juin 2010

1 204 m
652 m
13,5 km

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près de Sarlala (East Timor)

This is a beautiful walk between Dili and Aileu around the river "Daehatu".

The walk beings on the main road and immediately follows a gentle descent into the valley. Until you'll eventually cross the river.

(I would like to stress to follow our route around the river crossing as it's easy to go up the wrong slope and end up somewhere you didn't plan to go)

From that point, the road is not very clear for 300 meters, but when you follow the GPS, you will get the ridge and have a climbing, but not to difficult way up.

Once you get to a school, the road will get wider and becomes accessible by car. (This could be handy in case a bail-out is needed)

From the school, it's still quite a bit more climbing, but it's a very simple road.

At a late stage, you'll come to a crossing with an asphalt road. You follow this road and after a few hundred meters to go up the hill on the right side of the road. Once you're on the top you'll see the other valley and the lake.

Just follow the ridge until you're eventually back on the same asphalted road you were earlier. Continue following the road until the main road takes a sharp right turn. At this point, you'll go strait and follow small trails again until you are eventually come into a village.

If you are already very tired and want to shorten the track a bit, you can follow the asphalted road between way points Shortcut-Start ShortCut-End.

For those that feel fit, continue the track into the valley with the lake. It makes a gentle left hand turn while going slightly up again.

Follow the ridge that will run parallel to the main road again. When you are at the end of the ridge, the road from the lake and the main road come together. There is usually a market at this point and you'll be able to buy fruits, water etc.

The last part of the hike is a bit more booring, but not to difficult. Just follow the main road until you are back at the car.


From this point, you could follow the asphalted road to shorten the hike a bit.


At this point, you are back on the planned track. At this point there is usually a small market and you find some transport to bring you back to the starting point of the hike in case you don't want to walk along the main road


Starting point of the hike. At this point you should have no problems to park 2 cars in the grass on the side of the road.


The last few meters of the walk.


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