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près de Bloody Bridge, Northern Ireland (United Kingdom)

A steep and exposed ascent to the top of the tallest peak of the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland. This walk is short and sweet with many options for approach.

We started at Bloody Bridge, on the main road between Newcastle and Kilkeel. There is a carpark there next to the sea and the trail starts right from there and goes up following the river. Normally you would choose to cross the river at one point and follow the double track up to the quarry to avoid eroding.
From the quarry you go straight to the Mourne wall (there are signs actually pointing to the wall from earlier on). Follow the wall all the way up (to the right) and you'll reach the peak.

We walked down the other wall to the "saddle" and then down the river to the forest (Donard Wood) which leads to Newcaslte. It's 3 kms from Newcastle back to the carpark at Bloody Bridge along the main road. We took the bus (37).

The walk is exposed to the elements. You'll find no cover except for a hut at the quarry and the Donard Wood.
In the summer. specially if sunny, start early in the morning from bloody bridge. You'll have the sun behind you most of the time and by the time you hit mid afternoon's heat you'll be walking through the forest. Also you avoid most of the crowds. This is the busiest of the Mournes.
Take plenty of water and a coat. It's windy at the top.

ok... I know this is very subjective and I've seen little kids doing it. But it's very steep. Yes it's short and you can even run to the top. But if you're not fit or struggle with your knees or have bad balance, you'll hate coming down.
If "easy" is a flat walk, this is "difficult". No need for special equipment but you do need to carry a day pack and wear appropriate hiking shoes.


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