Temps en mouvement  3 hours 33 minutes

Durée  5 hours 9 minutes

Coordonnées 2882

Publié 28 octobre 2018

Recorded octobre 2018

567 m
213 m
16,41 km

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près de Glasdrumman, Northern Ireland (United Kingdom)

A fairly long but really enjoyable walk through the Mournes which, after the trek up to the pass between Lamagan and Binnian, follows a number of paths beside water. Wikiloc recorded it as about 3 and a half hours moving time, but actually was a lot longer - around 4 hours 40 mins I reckon, and we were going at a fairly brisk pace.

From the waterfall on the Kilkeel River we headed up to the right, and ended up climbing over quite steep heathery ground. Next time I'm going to retrace my steps from the waterfall and climb up to the left to skirt round it, then cross the Kilkeel River further upstream to find a path which leads up more gently to the pass between Cove and Beg.
Gully in the stream descending from the col between Slieve Beg and Cove


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