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Publié 16 septembre 2013

Recorded septembre 2013

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près de New Mills, England (United Kingdom)

[EN] First we go from The Torr at Newtown through the Sett Valley Trail to Hayfield.
Then we follow the Snake Path to arrive to the Kinder Reservoir.

Later we do a loop to the Kinder Reservoir through the Kinder Low peak.
And we leave the trail during a little to see some Millstones and the Dog Stone before returning to the Reservoir. This is why I choose to say it's difficult, and because you have to be too careful with the weather, it can change very quickly.

When I went downhill after the Kiner Low a goat came and touched me :)

And then we return to Newtown.


[ES] En primer lugar vamos a partir de Torr en Newtown a través del camino de Sett Valley a Hayfield.
Luego seguimos el Snake Path (el camino de la serpiente) para llegar al embalse Kinder.

Luego hacemos una ruta circular a la reserva Kinder y subiendo al pico Kinder Low.
Nos alejamos del sendero durante un poco para ver algunas molas y la piedra del perro antes de volver al embalse. Por esta parte de la ruta he puesto que es difícil. Y porque hay que ser muy cuidadoso con el tiempo, puede cambiar muy rápidamente.

En mi caso, en el descenso hacia la reserva una vez pasado el Kinder Low una cabra se me acercó y me tocó la pierna :)

Para acabar, volvemos a Newtown.

Kinder Low Peak

Kinder Scout (Derbyshire, UK)

Rock & Torr Vale Mills
Rock Climbing Area
Torr Mill
Torrs Hydro
Calico Trail
Beginning of the Snake Path
Snake Path
Entering High Peak
Reservoir Landscape
Kinder Reservoir
Kindle Reservoir landscape
Great Views
Edale Cross
Rocs & good landscape
Kinder Low Peak
Mill stones
The Dog Stone
Environmentally Sensitive Area
Kinder Reservoir
Pennine Bridleway
Waterfall at Torr

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  • Photo de chaichi چایچی

    chaichi چایچی 26 mai 2014

    thanks for your nice photos and tracking description, can I ask you how you put more than 6 photos for every tracking? for me 6 is top limitation.
    chaichi@pnu.ac.ir https://ca.wikiloc.com/rutes-outdoor/newtown-hayfield-kinder-reservoir-kinder-low-loop-5303817#wp-5264107/photo-2767723

  • Pauldnorth 14 oct. 2018

    Hi. This route wont download to my Garmin Fenix 5. Ive done about 20 hikes on wikiloc and this is the only one that fails. Any ideas?

  • Photo de jeprubio

    jeprubio 14 oct. 2018

    It might be for the device limitation with points per route. Have a look at this forum: https://forums.garmin.com/forum/on-the-trail/wrist-worn/fenix-5x/1271550-file-limitations-of-the-fenix-5x
    This track has almost 3000 coordinates to be very precise. You could either split it or download the simplified version.

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