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Temps en mouvement  27 minutes

Durée  une heure 11 minutes

Coordonnées 225

Publié 28 février 2020

Recorded février 2020

135 m
15 m
1,24 km

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près de Urdmang Hamlet, Ngardmau (Palau)

A truly great waterfall worth the hike. Significant uphill on return. Trail is dirt with many stair steps. I only recorded our return trip, but it is an in and out on the same path so plan on double the distance. About 30 minutes each way. Close to the falls the trail depends into a creek with stair step falls well worth seeing on their own. You must skirt along the edge of the stream and cross over water streaming in for a 100 M. Bring a swimsuit and water sandals. The view from underneath the giant waterfall is memorable.



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