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près de Pujols, Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes (France)

Note géographique et géologique
Perché sur un éperon rocheux et prolongé par un plateau calcaire, surplombant la vallée du Lot, Pujols culmine à 187m d'altitude. Le village offre également un panorama sur la vallée du Mail où coule un affluent de Lot, la Masse.

Note historique
C'est une ancienne place forte albigeoise. Au XIIIième siècle, le bourg castral est taxé d'hérésie et ses murailles sont rasées.

A visiter
Pujols, classé parmi les plus beaux villages de France

Note écologique (observations)
Flore: liserons, champs de tournesols, chênes tauzin, chênes sessiles, robiniers
Faune: pies bavarde, corneilles, tourterelles turques, bergeronnettes grises.
Geographical notes
Perched on a rocky outcrop and prolonged by a limestone plateau, overlooking the valley of the Lot river, Pujols culminates at a 187m altitude.

Historical notes
It is an old Albigeoise stronghold. In the 17th century, the castle was taxed with heresy and its walls were razed.

To visit
Pujols, classified among the most beautiful villages of France

Environmental note (observations)
Flora: bindweed, sunflower fields, tauzin oaks, sessile oaks, robin trees
Fauna: magpies, turkeys, turtle doves, gray wagtails.

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  • Vich40 14 janv. 2017

    Le pigeonnier au-dessus du petit lac de Martinet https://fr.wikiloc.com/itineraires-randonnee/or-6546050-pujols-panorama-sur-les-vallees-du-lot-et-du-mail-15991176/photo-10026771

  • Vich40 14 janv. 2017

    Les collines bordant la vallée de la Masse https://fr.wikiloc.com/itineraires-randonnee/or-6546050-pujols-panorama-sur-les-vallees-du-lot-et-du-mail-15991176/photo-10026778

  • Vich40 14 janv. 2017

    Pujols depuis le pech du Rat https://fr.wikiloc.com/itineraires-randonnee/or-6546050-pujols-panorama-sur-les-vallees-du-lot-et-du-mail-15991176/photo-10026781

  • Vich40 14 janv. 2017

    Pujols, classé parmi les plus beaux villages de France https://fr.wikiloc.com/itineraires-randonnee/or-6546050-pujols-panorama-sur-les-vallees-du-lot-et-du-mail-15991176/photo-10026789

  • Vich40 14 janv. 2017

    La Halle surplombée par l'église Saint Nicolas https://fr.wikiloc.com/itineraires-randonnee/or-6546050-pujols-panorama-sur-les-vallees-du-lot-et-du-mail-15991176/photo-10026795

  • Vich40 14 janv. 2017

    Depuis le village, Villeneuve-sur-Lot https://fr.wikiloc.com/itineraires-randonnee/or-6546050-pujols-panorama-sur-les-vallees-du-lot-et-du-mail-15991176/photo-10026814

  • Sandra Sedgwick 20 nov. 2017

    The stones from the ruins of chateau in Pujols, which was destroyed during the French Revolution were sold in 19th century and used to build the prison on the road out of Villeneuve to Monflanquin. Pujols was destroyed after three years of siege during the Albigensian Crusade in 13th century when King Louis and 40,000 of his knights and men came down to southern France to take land for the French crown in 1229. Pujols capitulated after three years; the inhabitants were allowed to leave but the town was raised to the ground. It was rebuilt at the end of 13th century by orders from Alphonse de Poitiers brother of the King of France. Pujols was put under siege because it was associated with the Cathars and it held a Cathar council in the town in 1223.

  • Vich40 22 nov. 2017

    Thank you for your great historical insight!

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