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1 854 m
25,79 km

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près de Finca Lérida, Chiriquí (Republic of Panama)

This is a nice, easy walk to the top of Panamas highest mountain, Volcán Barú. You start the walk at the entry of the National Park, west of Boquete, pay your 5 Balboas and head on hillside. Just follow the road for 12,5 km, sometimes dusty, then lush under tall trees, but always protected from the cruel tropical sun. It can get really cold on the way, so I did this walk during the day and reached the top after 3,5 hours of comfortable walking.
If you are lucky you can see the two oceans from the top of Barú, the best view is in the morning right with sunrise.
You need about 3 hours to make the way back to the service hut, having climbed Panamas highest mountain!


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