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près de Bugarach, Languedoc-Roussillon (France)

La manera més fàcil de pujar al Pech

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  • Photo de GetMeSomeCoffee

    GetMeSomeCoffee 17 oct. 2015

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    Impressive scenery. But anyone who classifies this walk as "moderate" is probably in some kind of supertough army unit or something. This walk is HARD. It even follows a trail that's marked "difficile" by local authorities.

  • Photo de JLBny

    JLBny 21 nov. 2017

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    Moderate climb. Easier towards the top. Follow the yellow markers. Spectacular views in good weather. A large part of the Pyrenees, the coast, even -theoretically- Mont Ventoux, more than 250 km away! https://www.peakfinder.org/?lat=42.8638&lng=2.3789&azi=48&zoom=6&ele=1182&date=2017-08-23T13:57Z&name=Pech%20de%20Bugarach
    Seguid las marcas amarillas. Vistas espectaculares, en teoría, hasta Mont Ventoux, a más de 250 km de distancia!

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