Temps en mouvement  6 minutes

Durée  2 hours 3 minutes

Coordonnées 117

Publié 2 janvier 2018

Recorded janvier 2018

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2 972 m
2 911 m
3,09 km

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près de Pueblo Nuevo, Hidalgo (Mexico)

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  • Photo de Rees Storm

    Rees Storm 7 janv. 2018

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    Beautiful hike with dramatic 360 views from the top of the peña! One of my favorite for out of town guests. When you get to the peña, be aware that you have to go down to go up. Follow the trail around the peña to the left, proceeding past the rest bench what a possible technical ascent. As you begin to hike upwards again, you'll see where to climb up without needing ropes. Enjoy!

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