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Publié 2 mai 2016

Recorded avril 2016

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près de Tao, Cordillera (Philippines)

The trail from Pula to Barlig runs through a heavily forested area crossing the border between Ifugao and Mountain Province. The path is sometimes obscurred by roots and foliage so be careful to not to go astray. Also pay attention to the hunter´s signs (made from reeds and sticks) indicating that there´re wild game traps in the area as you definitely would not want to fall into one of these. Aside from that the path is pretty straightforward.

Barlig nestled on the foothills of Mt. Amuyao is really worth staying at for at least a couple of days. Accommodation is basic and cheap yet clean and comfortable (we stayed at Halfway Inn; the other option is Seaview Inn). Don´t miss the opportunity to climb Mt. Amuyao (from Barlig it´s a moderate one day hike).

The photos unattached to the particular waypoint depict Barlig.

An annex to Pula

There´s a small hamlet nestled on the ridge above the rice terraces. Very photogenic place.

On the ridge above the valley

The vegetation is slightly different up in the mountains with pines featuring prominently.

The uppermost part of the trail

There´s a basic shelter there (not on the photos).


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