10,77 km

Dénivelé positif

788 m

Difficulté technique


Dénivelé négatif

788 m

Altitude maxi

698 m



Altitude mini

281 m

Type d'itinéraire

En boucle

Temps en mouvement

2 hours 22 minutes


3 hours 8 minutes




28 février 2021


février 2021
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698 m
281 m
10,77 km

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près de Saeduduk, Gangwon-do (South Korea)

This is not the hike I had planned. I put the wrong address into my car's navigation. None the less it was a nice hike in the forest away from the sound of cars and the city. Birds and a babbling brook were the sound of the day. If you are looking for an easy hike that gets you out into the wilderness and you don't care about a nice summit view, this is a good hike. This would be a good trail for beginning hikers and families. There were also a lot of older people on the trail.
The trail initially follows a stream gradually getting steeper as you approach the Hilltop Rest Area. There you will find some log tables and seats to take a break and eat something. The trail continues downhill towards the main park entrance. The forest is a mix of conifers and deciduous trees. The steeper parts have stairs. When you get to the end of the trail you can walk up to the main road in the park. Turning left will bring you down to the park office in about 800 m. Turning right will bring you to the Biribong trailhead parking where there are restaurants, restrooms and a big park map. It is kind of funny this trail is not on the official park map. Since it is not on the map, this trail is not nearly as crowded as other trails.

Getting there: Take highway 1 to highway 50 east. Get off at the Munmak interchange. Take a right after the toll onto rt. 49. That will merge with rt. 42 in about 1 km. Be sure to be in the far right lane. It is a confusing intersection. About a km after rt. 42 passes under highway 50, rt. 42 turns right. Continue to follow rt. 42. Rt. 42 will eventually pass under Highway 55. You then want the 4th exit onto Norugogae-gil which will be a sharp right when you get off the exit. Follow that for about 1 km to a blinking yellow light. There will be a sign for Chaiksan National Park to go straight. That is for a different trail head. Take a left here. In a little less than a km you will take a left onto Sangchogu-gil. There will be signs for a charcoal factory and/or Chaiksan Park Office. Follow those. When you get to the charcoal factory you can park there or continue 1 km on a dirt road to the parking at the trail head. This is not recommended if it has rained recently. 800 meters after the charcoal factory you will make a sharp left. If you miss the turn and try to go straight it turns into a jeep trail.
Navigation address: 766-2 Heung-yang-ri, Socho-myeon, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do
This is to the charcoal factory.


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