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218 m
106,3 km

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près de Saint-Gengoux-le-National, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté (France)

Saint-Gengoux-le-National les lac le rivier le voie verte

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  • Alan Welch 15 sept. 2016

    This is totally feasible on a road bike/racer (velo de course), although there is one small section around the lake at km 22 to 23.5 where a hybrid or a mountain bike would be better. I would recommend going around this section as there are three lakes and it is really beautiful. On the whole this entire ride is flat and there are virtually no hills. I added a hill at the end just because I wanted to do more than 100 km but it is is very gentle and you could always stop at 100 and avoid the last small buckle.

    You take in a lot of water during this ride. You traverse the Saone and you pass lakes on the other side of the Saone. You also go along around 45 km of Voie Verte (30 km at the end), so it is an easy ride. I stopped for something to eat and did a bit of shopping in Chalon, which is why my average speed is so slow. I kept my phone GPS and did not set it to pause (partly because I often forget to unset it!).

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