Durée  5 hours 42 minutes

Coordonnées 673

Uploaded 28 juin 2015

Recorded juin 2015

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2 577 m
1 699 m
7,09 km

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près de Sannîne, Mont-Liban (Lebanon)

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Sannine Cross
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Grande coulée

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  • Strider Hill 16 juil. 2017

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    Be aware: This is a difficult hike that does not follow any path and involves steep, slippery ascents and descents through loose rock. There are prickly brambles throughout much of the first half. At around 6,000 feet, the thus far flat route turns to the east and ascends steeply and directly up the slope through scree that involves unpleasant scrambling. After this ascent, the route flattens and follows a logical series of ridges for around a mile. At around 7,700 feet, it ascends steeply again, heading to the summit through better ground that can be navigated without much stress using patient zig-zagging. Shortly after the summit, the route takes a sharp turn back to the west and descends directly and steeply down the slope at around 24 degrees. We judged this descent too risky and did not take it. I would not recommend this hike without trekking poles.

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