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près de Valle Campana, Santa Ana (El Salvador)

It is the highest volcano in the country. It is within a national park, and access is limited. You need to get a local guide or arrange the climb with the park management.
You have to pay an entrance fee.
The groups going up are escorted by police, and there is also military personnel. If it is raining or too foggy it is likely that the climb is cancelled.
It is about 1:30h drive from San Salvador.
Apart from the logistics, it is a very straight forward walk. The path is quite well marked (red and yellow spots) up to the top. When you get to the top, you cannot walk around the crater, just a bit to each side. There is a sulfur lake in the centre, so there is a strong smell depending on the fumes coming out and the wind.
You just need to bring adequate shoes and clothes, something to eat and drink.
At times, there is a guys in the summit selling ice creams.
I went on a Friday and the first groups was around 150 people and the second group was a bit over 200.
It is recommended to bring some rain cover and/or jacket, as temperatures can change very fast. They can decrease from 17 to 5 degrees in a matter of minutes.
Overall, an easy walk with incredible views (clouds permitting). The size of the crater is much larger than what you can guess from the pictures, it is really amazing.
I did this walk with Salvadorean Tours, a private tour provider; they pick you up from the hotel, go with you on the walk and then drive you back.


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