Temps en mouvement  2 hours 10 minutes

Durée  12 hours 33 minutes

Coordonnées 1070

Publié 16 août 2018

Recorded août 2018

1 267 m
837 m
6,57 km

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près de Éxo Potámoi, Crete (Greece)

Ascend to small peak of Souvli 1384m. in the midlle of Selena ridge. Start from Exo potamoi by dirt road and from steep passage of Livana up and in the mountain. No paths and second ascend to peak from east side. Wild part of mt., rocky terrain and old houses from shepherds. View to Lakakia,the pocks around , east Maheras summit and west the highest peak of Selena. Steep descend of Havouna poros ,when you arrive at road with stone house better to continue by road right and down to Rousakiano or left and to met the point of ascend and down to starting point. At 5.5km. Our end is very complicated with lot fences. Water at village.


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