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Publié 21 mai 2009

Recorded mai 2009

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490 m
15 m
14,53 km

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près de Garðakauptún, Gullbringusysla (Ísland)

Hiking from Grindarskörð to Hlíðarvatn. There is no water to be found on this trail so hikers have to carry all the drinking water.

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  • Photo de olijon

    olijon 21 mai 2009

    This is an easy hike through magnificent fields of lava. At the very last part of the hike is a pretty steep slope that is probably tricky to manoeuvre in snow or extremely wet conditions.

    The whole route is clearly marked by easy-to-spot cairns.

  • kari.hardarson 21 juil. 2009

    Don't get burned by the lack of water, bring at least 2 liters.

  • magnusb 7 juil. 2014

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    Beautiful trail through stunning landscape.
    The final descent, down a ravine, is steep but fairly easy if one is careful.

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