1 154 m
473 m
30,31 km

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près de Delémont, Canton du Jura (Swiss Confederation)

Delemont - Courendlin - Vellerat (666m :-) - Deriere Chateau (viewpoint on a pasture) - Chatillon - Delemont

At 12.9 km (just after the hut) a steep climb without path, 10m on rocks (possible to go further until end of the marked track to avoid rocks and have less steep slope)

To reduce the kilometres on paved road, you can come by bus (11,18) from Delemont to Courrendlin and return from Chatillon to Delemont by bus 16
(check the connection details on sbb.ch )

If the climb is eliminated as described, the trail is doable on MTB with not more than 1km of pushing.

Review you skin against ticks after the hike - I had two!


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