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près de Aţ Ţayyibah, Ma’an (Jordan)

Donkey tour. 3 days 2 nights. We asked for the help of Mohammad Ali* from Bedu village to support us as a guide and with two mules to carry the heavy stuff, due to we went with our daughters with 3 and 7 years old. Luna, 7 y-o spent the whole track on the mule, but Amelia was not very confident at the beginning making us to go at her pace very slow. With the Mohammad’s experience we dealt to get the kids off and on, during up or downhill, or any step difficult to pass by mules. Sometimes due to narrow areas, only in Wadi Tibn, we even got off the bags: we scratched the canyoning bags and unfortunately the teapot got dented by the hits with the walls, but it was part of the adventure.

The experience was wonderful, amazing walls in a savage area with a Bedouin who knows the area inch by inch. Kids can enjoy a lot with the mules taking care on them. Highland areas offers spectacular views.

Due to deepness and narrowness of Wadi Tibn the GPS was out to reach the satellite signal, there is a picture where you can see the areas lost. Also during the second day there are missing parts, because it was raining and I protected the device in the bag. In both parts, track has no lost.

I believe this track can be easily done walking by adults (no kids) in 2 days (at comfortable pace), the up and downhill is strong (this is the reason why i labeled the track as moderate), but not the length; just be sure you have water enough. As you can see in the map, the 2nd night we were close to Rajef village, so you can plan to finish there. Take also into account for any kind of setback that down the wadi, East direction, there is a road with a regular traffic. I recommend to start early (that morning we drove from Amman, so we started at 12…) and sleep at the Nabatean temple area: it’s flat, high enough to be out of the flash-floods risk and there is a nice water spring with apparently clear water.

We met 2 vipers, one alive one dead. Summer time has be too hot.

*Mohammad Ali (t: 0799443914) is an excellent guide; we call him anytime to discover new routes and to support us with his donkeys or mules because we have over weight or too long distances for kids. 3 times we walked up with him to Jebel Aaron, another time covering Wadi Sabra - Wadi Araba - Wadi Musa (also 3 days, spectacular) and this one.

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