Durée  5 hours 40 minutes

Coordonnées 1539

Publié 17 octobre 2016

Recorded octobre 2016

2 062 m
1 837 m
17,16 km

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près de El Ocho y Medio (Ras el Tin), Jalisco (Mexico)

To geothermal station loop
Blue bell
Gren star
Wild lilly
Wild rose
Paved road
Horse tail grass
Paint ball ad
Geotermico add
Creek bed
Viewpoint 2
Abandoned house
Red flower
Viewpoint 2
Viewpoint 3

2 commentaires

  • Photo de Alexey Ustinov

    Alexey Ustinov 17 oct. 2016

    I took the Dirigente trail by biotricion (http://www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=1234647) as the base but I also wanted to see the geothermal station. So, I followed Dirigente most of the time and added small loop exploring one of the geothermal station and the abandoned village nearby. I have made my trail in counter clockwise direction and had to climb the hill on the way from the geothermal station. I would recommend to do it in the opposite direction to climb the hill while you are fresh and leave easy descend by the road for the second part of the trail. I have done my trip on 15th of October. This is the perfect time of the year because there are a lot of flowers, sometimes can find mushrooms and the temperature is not terribly high.
    The road was blocked with the red cones near the parking. The ranger told me to park the car and go further on foot. But when I was walking along the road several cars passed me by. Double standards.

  • Photo de Alexey Ustinov

    Alexey Ustinov 17 oct. 2016

    The first part of the trail to the geothermal station is easy because the road goes down! I was lucky to see several wild flowers just on the side of the road. About 5 km from the parking lot there a big sign informing about geothermal station. 300 m from this sign the road is paved by asphalt! Looks weird in the middle of the forest. Geothermal station was not very impressive. It is the horizontal rectangle area with huge valve and round column. Looking on the Google map satellite view I see that all other 9 stations are very similar.

    On the way back I followed Dirigente trail along the dry creek bed. It goes up all the time passing abandoned house. Several times I was able to see between trees Guadalajara city. At the end of the ascent there is a nice meadow with corn plantation. After that the trail goes down along the bicycle trail

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