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1 150 m
210,53 km

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près de Blatten, Canton du Valais (Switzerland)

This tour around Monte Rosa is one of the most beautiful high mountain hikes in the Alps.
We chose to sleep in our tent as often as possible, avoiding villages and alpine huts.
We made this tour with full outdoor equipment. We had food for 10 days with us, tent and dune sleeping bags for bivouaking in high altitude.
You must be prepared for extreme weather changes, hardly traceable routes and simple climbing passages - and long fatigueing ascents and descents.
Required is excellent physical condition, endurence and familiarity with alpine conditions.
Coldest night was in a mountain shelter at Gandegg hut with minus 15 degrees.
Our equipment:
Tent: Fjällräven Akka Dome 2
Navigation: map and compass
Electronic devices: Garmin Etrex and Locus (Android App)
Electric power supply: Sistech Solartech 10W (with USB interface to powerbank)
Powerbank: Ansmann Powerbank 20.8 (20.000 mAh)

We needed 11 days.
track length: 187 km
ascent: 10.000 m
descent: 10.000 m


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