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près de Saint-Cergue, Canton de Vaud (Switzerland)

Balade de 5.5 km à travers la forêt et les pâturages pour ensuite apprécier la vue sur le Lac Léman et les alpes.

Depuis la gare de St-Cergue, Traverser la voie de chemin de fer et monter le long de la route de Basse Ruches.

A l'Espace loisirs de Basse ruche, le sentier part sur la droite. Le sentier continue à travers la forêt et les paturages et arrive à la hauteur du chalet d'alpage des Fruitières de Nyon. Cette partie de la balade présente une forte montée ! Cet endroit offre également un panorama sur l'arc lémanique.

La suite de la boucle conduit à La Borsatte et redescend à travers les pâturages puis par la forêt pour rejoindre la route de Basse Ruche et arriver à la gare de St-Cergue.

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Balade les Fruitières de Nyon

From St-Cergue station, cross the railway track and climb the route de Basse Ruche. At the leisure centre of Basse Ruche, the trail starts on the right. The trail continues through the forest and pastures and arrives at the Fruitières de Nyon Alpine chalet. This part of the ride has a strong climb! This place also offers a panoramic view of Lake Geneva. The continuation of the circuit leads to La Borsatte and descends through pastures and then through the forest to join the Route de Basse Ruche and arrives at St-Cergue station. Duration: 2h30 Length: 5.5 km

Tourist Office St-Cergue

The Tourist information St-Cergue is a branch of Nyon Région Tourism and represents the interests of the «Jura vaudois» region. St-Cergue is located right in the centre of the natural Parc Jura vaudois, at the foot of „La Dôle“ mountain. Thanks to its variety of sport activities and touristic offers (hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, down-hill skiing), the region represents a particularly attractive travel destination in summer and winter.

Chalet Basse Ruche

Specialties: various fondues, ham, pan-fried tomme, cheese crust, raclette, grilled meats. Recreation area Basse Ruche also offers night snowshoeing and fondue packages, children's ski lessons, skilifts, ziplines and other activities. The Restaurant is open in the evening only on Reservation.

Pasture Chalet Les Fruitières de Nyon

Their speciality is the cheese called “tonneau d’alpage” (matured for 8 to 10 months). It is a semi-hard cheese, tender and mellow with a strong character, in the shape of a barrel, made of raw cow's milk. The production of cheese starts at 7am. Direct sales are made at the farm (Gruyère, raclette, tonneau, butter, sérac, cream). There is no catering service provided. “Les Fruitières de Nyon” is also part of a hiking trail from St-Cergue station (approx. 2h30 round trip). At the summit, hikers particularly appreciate the exceptional view of Lake Geneva and the Alps.

Recreation area of Basseruche in the summer season

The summer activities of Basseruche are open from May to September, from Wednesday to Sunday. Activities for the whole family to enjoy. Basseruche also has a cosy alpine restaurant that serves delicious typical Swiss grills and fondues. Footgolf, swingolf or zip lines will entertain companies for team-building activities.


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