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près de Caserta, Campania (Italia)

This is the twentieth stage of the Via Appia by foot, from town of Paolisi to the town of Brezza.

Link to Stage 19: https://www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=16035425
Link to Stage 21: https://www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=16070846

In general, the track follows the Via Appia Antica loosely as it's usually not possible to hike the original route anymore. In large part because the old road has been upgraded over the centuries and is now a highway in some section or a main provincial road where cars are speeding by you. In other sections, the road is simply gone. Instead, I've searched for nice roads, a little away from any main roads where there is a lot less traffic (or none at all), while trying to stay true to the original road where possible.

This stage of the Via Appia follows the SS7 from Caserta to Capua. From Capua, it goes parallel to the SS1 or smaller roads. This stage ends just outside Brezza for a stealth camp.

In each of the towns you'll pass through you'll find shops and cafes, so you don't need to carry too much water when you take off. However, there are no shops on the second part of the stage, between Capua and Brezza. In Brezza there are 2 small shops, but they may not be open around the time you pass through the small town. (Usually small shops open after lunch around 4pm on weekdays). So you may want to buy dinner and breakfast in Capua.

This stage starts in Caserta, just outside the Royal Palace of Caserta. After passing through the front yard, you will follow the SS7, which is here called the Via Nationale Appia.

After approximately 3 km, you'll pass under the A1 and at one point Caserta just turns into Casapulla. When you reach 4 km, you'll come to a larger intersection where the Via Appia Antica merges with the Via Nationale Appia. The track continues through town with lost of shops, cafe's etc.

Eventually at around 12 km, you'll pass a larger river on an old roman bridge. You'll get to the west side of Capua and pass the last (larger) supermarket of the day. This might be the best place to stock up. See description above.

After leaving Capua, the view will change radically. Rather than seeing buildings, you will now see open fields and agriculture for the next 10 km, until you get to Brezza.

The last kilometer will take you out of town to a quiet and secluded spot to set up a stealth camp close to the river.

Enjoy the trail end leave a comment. In particular if you know some interesting way points should be included or an alternate track that could/should be used. Any information is much appreciated.
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