• Photo de Volcan Rucu Pichincha Ecuador
  • Photo de Volcan Rucu Pichincha Ecuador
  • Photo de Volcan Rucu Pichincha Ecuador
  • Photo de Volcan Rucu Pichincha Ecuador
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Durée  6 hours 12 minutes

Coordonnées 1381

Publié 8 octobre 2014

Recorded octobre 2014

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4 690 m
3 970 m
10,19 km

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près de Hacienda San Francisco, Pichincha (Ecuador)

Espectacular sendero a la cima del volcán partiendo del teleférico.Difícil solo por la altura,a pesar de varios días de aclimatacion falta aire,menos mal que teníamos caramelos de coca.A 5 m de la cima no se veía nada y empezó a caer granizo así que media vuelta.Vegetación fantástica y cambiante del páramo,los cojines vegetales muchas plantas nunca antes vistas.
Medida de humildad fue encontrarnos con un chaval subiendo y luego bajando estupendamente equipado con camiseta, calzonas.....y nada mas.Sin zapatos.Ver foto

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  • Photo de FredrikH

    FredrikH 16 déc. 2014

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    From the top of the cable car it looks almost impossible without climbing equipment. The last bit is a bit hard, but the altitude is the biggest challenge. A beautiful hike strongly recommended!

  • Photo de Equipe Up Trekking e Montanhismo

    Equipe Up Trekking e Montanhismo 31 août 2015

    I have followed this trail  View more

    A altitude e os trechos de escalaminhada são a maior dificuldade da trilha. Há momentos em que você tem que atravessar um penhasco somente agarrado às pedras (praticamente boulder rs). Vá preparado e aclimatado.

  • alexmr3 27 sept. 2017

    I think, technically is quite doable.
    Main thing is the altitude.
    From the teleferico is about 3h for 700mts.
    When closetothe top there are several ways of reaching it. Wheres most of the path is easily recognizable and there is no way to miss it, when reaching the last 100mts or so, can get a bit confusing. First attempt we ended up in a very steep rocky path. And we gave up given was really foggy.
    Though lucky us, few mtrs going down we meet some locals going up. They were getting around the peak so wasless steep. We reach it in 10'.
    Was still foggy and missedthe amazing ciews has to have but still a very nice walk.

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