Durée  5 hours 37 minutes

Coordonnées 1201

Publié 16 janvier 2016

Recorded janvier 2016

1 150 m
604 m
13,06 km

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près de Ech Chattoûh, Mont-Liban (Lebanon)

Easy cool hike from Abou mizen to Blat mazraat kfardebian and Qleiat
Church and houses bifurcation
Wooden bridge
Old house
Old church
Sentier du Christ
Picnic area
Old bridge
El Mabrak
Blat mazraat kfardebiane village
Sentier Yatoun
Wedi el salib
Qleiat village

2 commentaires

  • Photo de GeorgesBridi

    GeorgesBridi 14 juin 2018

    I recently followed this trail and tried to go up through the sentier du christ path but had a very hard time finding the exact way... some paint marks were present at the bottom but quickly disappeared after and it was hard finding a decent route since the ground at that level is quite steep and can lead to rocky or bushy ends. After some failed tries to find the route I preferred getting back to the initial path.

  • Photo de Rami Rachkidi

    Rami Rachkidi 15 juin 2018

    Exactly Georges. I've tried to find "the sentier du christ" many times but it is blocked at some point. We can find some kind of trail at the beginning but it disappears later. That's why i didn't upload this part in any of my trails on wikiloc. So anyone who is hiking in wadi el salib should not take this trail "sentier du christ". It still needs lot of work to be clear and safe.

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