5,33 km

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102 m

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102 m

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105 m



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44 m

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En boucle


une heure 46 minutes




4 septembre 2018


juillet 2018
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105 m
44 m
5,33 km

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près de High Wray, England (United Kingdom)

Excellent short hike with a castle, a small and a big lake, and picturesque countryside. The hike is largely on paved paths (gravel, a bit of asphalt), and, south of Blelhalm Tarn on unpaved trails. There is a café at the castle.
Hike starts at the castle where there is a National Trust parking (paid parking, with an overflow parking closeby). A few free spots can be found near the entrance of the driveway to the castle. From the castle you walk back along the driveway to the small asphalt road connecting the B5286 with High Wray. You walk this road down to the bridge across Blelham Beck. Here you enter the gravel bridleway parallel to the roadway, and keep left a few hundred meters further. The gravel path takes you north along Blelham Tarn through pasture and woodland. You get close to the lake on the southwest side where you pass a cattle gate (with loud howling cows during our hike). You pass Ford Wood Beck and then ascend about 50 meter for a great view. You pass around a farm and then go through gates at Tog How Farm to enter a non-gravel path south of Blelhalm Tarn, through pasture and a bit of wood. The path ends up at the High Wray asphalt road close to the entrance of Wray Castle. Here you take a bridleway down to Lake Windermere. On the way down you see St. Margareth’s Church and park-like castle grounds with grass and large trees. Down at the lake you enter the castle grounds, and follow the footpath near the lakeside, past a barn, and places where you could swim or enjoy the water in another way. From the lakeside you climb back to the castle. The hike is described in more detail on https://www.walkingenglishman.com/lakes60.html.
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Blelham Beck

Bridge across a stream flowing from Blelham Tarn to Lake WIndermere.

Blelham Tarn

Small lake with marshy shores
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Castle Driveway

Driveway to the castle
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Cattle gate

You pass through a gate. Quite a few cows were howling loudly when we passed...

Ford Wood Beck

Little stream flowing into the Tarn
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Path along Lake Windermere

Path along the shore of Lake Windermore, inside the castle grounds
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Path down to lake Windermere

This bridleway takes you down to Lake Windermere. On the left are St. Margareth’s Church and the castle grounds
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Path north of Blelham Tarn

The bridleway north of Blelham Tarn is paved with gravel and passes through pasture and woodland
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Path south of Blelham Tarn

The path south of Blelham Tarn is a bit elevated, not paved, and mainly through pasture with a bit of woodland.
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Start climb

Here starts the climb to the highest point of the walk.
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Tog How Farm

You cross the farm property to get onto the path taking you south of Blelham Tarn

Wray Castle

You can visit Wray Castle, owned by the National Trust. There is also a café. See https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/wray-castle
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Wray Castle Entrance

Here the driveway towards Wray Castle across the castle grounds starts.


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