Temps de déplacement  une heure 7 minutes

Durée  une heure 30 minutes

Coordonnées 1642

Uploaded 1 octobre 2018

Recorded septembre 2018

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239 m
195 m
16,66 km

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près de Haute Parthe, Grand Est (France)

Bois de Cattenom

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  • 4wheel 20 avr. 2019

    I have followed this trail  View more

    The main part of the route is not off road, along the way there are some interesting military objects, if you like to see those., if you cross the main road and follow the road to the lake there is an interesting (walking) path on the right to walk to the water and see some large fish crawling in the mud and some birds.
    There is also a nice view on the nuclear power plant if you are interested in tecnical objects.

    Thanks for the route

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