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près de Dos Cabezas, California (United States)

A nice short tour off Hwy S2. The name comes from the Jojoba bush which grows in this area.
A 4x4 with sufficient ground clearance is required.

The jojoba bush, Simmondsia chinensis, English names: jojoba, goat nut, deer nut, pignut, wild hazel, quinine nut, coffeeberry and gray box bush is native to the desert areas of Southern California.
Jojoba is currently the Sonoran Desert’s second most economically valuable native plant.
Jojoba “beans” contain more than 40 percent “oil,” which chemically is a liquid wax. The wax is highly resistant to oxidation and is stable at high temperatures. These properties make it a very high quality lubricant, equal to sperm whale oil. Only sperm whale or jojoba oil is acceptable for some industrial applications. The wax is also used in cosmetics. For these reasons jojoba is being developed as a commercial crop in several countries.
The indigestible wax acts as a laxative in humans and is harmful when ingested in larger quantities.


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