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près de Miralsot, Aragón (España)

My girlfriend and me did this route in a total 4 days. But can be completed in way less time. We did 3 basecamps along the route and a stop of 2 days to visit Zaragoza (we were planning just one day in Zaragoza but we lost our IDs in a bar. Managed to get them back but took one day cause it was Sunday and the place was closed). It's not difficult at all, basically 80% is fast track (the roads used by the farmers to access their lands) also 99% is NOT private propriety, they are pretty much all hunting territory with crops. just a couple of spot where is good to be slow and careful mainly caused by the presence of rocks and ditches. Will upload photos soon. We did the whole with a full tank plus 30ltr in jerry can. we had a total of 20ltr of water for everything (cooking, cleaning etc.) We found pretty easy to find spots for sleeping, but we used a rooftop tent so that's make it fairly quick.

Second basecamp


Exit to visit Zaragoza

We took this direction out of track to spend time visiting Zaragoza. Wasn't easy to find parking but we walked the whole downtown city centre.


From here we followed GPS navi's direction back to Barcelona avoiding expensive higways tolls.

First Basecamp


Begin offroad

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  • Photo de Chuck Bass

    Chuck Bass 11 mai 2019

    Buenas, crees q se puede hacer la ruta con un Passat Alltrack? Tengo 17cms d altura al suelo

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