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  • Photo de Mont des Cenelles, St-Donat, Quebec
  • Photo de Mont des Cenelles, St-Donat, Quebec

Temps en mouvement  une heure 27 minutes

Durée  une heure 59 minutes

Coordonnées 2270

Publié 7 septembre 2019

Recorded septembre 2019

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713 m
476 m
18,04 km

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près de Lac-Tire, Québec (Canada)

Unfortunately couldn’t make it to the very top with a view. The last stretch beeing tricky with 33” tires and no trail buddy to pull me out of trouble if needed. I’d recommend 35” tires and 3” lift + to reach the top and perhaps some skid plates. It was still worth the ride reaching that point, nice offroad trail. Photos show where I had to turn around.

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  • Photo de MC_4RUN

    MC_4RUN 15 oct. 2019

    great trail. pretty easy until this one part where it's a sheet of rock with mud and loose rocks. kinda easy to tip possibly. it's all about technique and rock placement. i used my rear lock. other than that 90% of the trail can be done in RWD. did it in my 5th gen 4runner with 2.5" lift all around and 33" tires.

  • Sam Hamadia 29 déc. 2019

    Next time you wanna go I will be your trail buddy 😀

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