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près de Vézelay, Bourgogne (France)

Première partie d'une randonnée 4x4 dans le Morvan. L'itinéraire se compose de 4 parties l'ensemble faisant 234km. Pas de difficultés majeures.

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  • Photo de 4x4xfar

    4x4xfar 4 juin 2015

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    Thanks Molaire for a great experience and a detailed map. We completed your four part Morvan circle May 2015. Beautiful trail, cut some short here and there. We did it in three days. At the time we went, the tracks were pretty dry so we managed quite alright. However even in the dry terrain, mud tires and a winch proved their worth in occasional rivers going astray. Quite a few of the tracks are seldom used and heavily overgrown, so you shouldn't mind a few scratches. Give some rain and the foresttracks will turn out to be a much bigger challenge.

  • Johannbernast 2 mai 2017

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    Superbe balade sous le beau soleil du Morvan. Merci pour l'itinéraire

  • Photo de Landy-Inside

    Landy-Inside 3 oct. 2018

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    We drove all Four Tracks. Top tracks and very beautifull landscape. A little old track, so round about 80-90% are today driveable. But it was very great. If rainy it will be more difficult.

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