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près de Figari, Corse (France)

Piste du lac de Figari à la Trinité (prés de Bonifacio)
La montée sur le plateau n'est pas facile

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  • Photo de sascha.pfister

    sascha.pfister 22 mai 2012


  • denPetz 20 avr. 2014

    Exactement ca que je veux faire ;-) https://fr.wikiloc.com/itineraires-tout-terrain/pistes-figari-la-trinite-bonifacio-79578/photo-109389

  • pierrauverland 12 nov. 2014

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Belle montée et beaux panoramas

  • Photo de Blacktravel

    Blacktravel 16 août 2015

    Molto molto bello....non adatto a tutti i veicoli ma a fuoristrada con un minimo di preparazione o a pilota esperto.
    Panorami bellissimi,quasi lunari e tratti di strada a volte anche tecnici.
    Fantastica Corsica!

  • Jules Baty 5 sept. 2015

    Chemin parfois très technique, demande un peu de connaissance en tout terrain, et un véhicule adapté.

  • Photo de peter_geishofer

    peter_geishofer 3 avr. 2018

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    I tried to follow this trail at the end of March 2018 with my Toyota Land Cruiser J9. Around the reservoir was good, though I scratched my car severely because the bushes are already standing very close. But the following ascent was impossible to drive, though I have a very capable vehicle. The water drew a very deep creek bed ... the way is washed out really bad. Would have needed a motocross or maybe a quad bike. But it was worth a try and the lake is more than beautiful!

  • giaq 27 avr. 2018

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    Did it reversed on April 2018. The initial ramp (final for me doing it reversed) was very demanding due to water digging a deep canal in the middle of the trail. We did it with a lot of struggle. Probably very hard to do on the normal direction

  • Photo de Grobmotoriker

    Grobmotoriker 10 oct. 2018

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    I did this trail in Octobre 2018 on a CRF1000 / heavy 2-cylinder motorbike.
    That ramp, in normal direction, is extrem! The lower part is managable, but the last bit is extremly difficult.
    As described above, deeply washed out, spiced with big rocks and steps.
    I had to push-walk the bike through difficult sections, dropped it twice. Hadn't been that much exhausted for a long time..

    Don't do this on a heavy bike unless your name is Chris Birch!
    For hardenduros it should be ok for experienced riders, but don't try this alone anyway!

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