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près de Prézégat, Pays de la Loire (France)

Castells del Loire - La Loire à vélo 2011

3 commentaires

  • Photo de BeeRich

    BeeRich 20 janv. 2012

    Hi there. How do you get across the bridge? It doesn't look passable by bicycle.

  • Photo de MALAIKA

    MALAIKA 21 janv. 2012

    Hi BeeRich, we crossed it .... ciclyng, by bike. There were a lot of cars and lorrys , but we passed using our best speed :)

  • Photo de BeeRich

    BeeRich 21 janv. 2012

    There is a sign for cyclists that says "expansion joints" which I found strange. So they are indeed expecting cyclists. Thanks for the response.

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