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près de Stavelot, Wallonia (Belgique)

Belle sortie, Beaucoup de passage dans les bois en singletrack. Des descentes rapides un peu technique.

Niveau montée pas de mur mais des longues côtes.

Je recommande.

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  • WouterN 22 août 2017

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    Not at all what I expected from this track...
    You start with a very muddy climb and then after merely 5 km a passage trough thick sticky mud/cow sh!t. So after 5 km you already have a bike caked in mud before doing one descend or single trail, meh... And it didnt rain that much the recent days so i expect thats perma-sh!t :-)
    After that however the track really delivers, its no more then a sequence of good sections from permanent routes in that area but still very fun sections! The roads that guide you from section to section however are very dull and do not add anything to the track. But after about 40 km the track became something trully unenjoyable, so much mud and destroyed paths due to motorised traffic and heavy logging equipment. I had to walk a lot of sections through the forest next to the track, it was that bad. Some sections were also blocked/completely overgrown.
    I've been doing some riding in this area lately and I feel this could have been so much better...
    Not recommended!

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