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près de Apt, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (France)

De beaux denivelés dans les terres ocrées des vigne de la famille Pinatel ;
quelques passages difficiles impraticables en selle,obligé de pousser !
Un terrain privé qui demande une petite déviation !

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  • fruitLocWiki 19 juil. 2017

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    This is an excellent track to explore this area, it has some parts that are like the collorado passage. Thanks philippe84!! I enjoyed this track very much. I did it counter-clockwise and so you start with a quite long paved road, nice to warm-up.At some point you go offroad and continue on that untill the end (I started in Apt). Somewhere in the middle of the offroad part there is a gate near a house. I was confused for a moment but the gate is not locked so you can continue there with no problems.
    I find the track not difficult but I am an advanced biker. I had to step off the bike only twice, one too rocky part that was too steep to go down and one steep uphill where my rear wheel spinned. Much fun! Thanks!

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