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près de Ramatuelle, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (France)

Les tournels - l escalet - le Cap Taillat

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  • Photo de jessydebruijn

    jessydebruijn 18 juil. 2018

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    Nice views for shure, but as soon as you get closer to the coast you will find yourself getting stuk in dense bush. The trail leads along the coast until you hit a “wall” . There’s no going left arround it, the only way is through the bush with your bike on your shoulders to the right. Then finally you find yourself on private property without an exit. Once i found a small path with rough steps upwarts i once again took the bike on my shoulders. I really think this is recorded on hiking instead of biking. No way to do this. Skip the part on the coast and head straight to the hidden beach. Still nice views

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