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près de Hafnarfjörður, Höfuðborgarsvæði (Lýðveldið Ísland)

This is a very old route across the mountains from Hafnarfjörður to Selvogur. In the 18th century it was quite a busy trade road used to deliver sulphur from mines to the port in Hafnarfjörður.

A large part of the track is on smooth lava rock which makes for great biking.

This track starts on the road to Bláfjöll just below an emergency hut which is there. Its actually possible (and makes perfect sence) to start further west in Kaldársel as the lava road starts there.
After about 2 km of steady climbing the terrain gets too steep and you have to shoulder the bikes and hike up quite a steep climb which ends up in some 540 m altitutde.
From there the rest is cycleable. Its fairly technical at times but quite flowy most of the time.
The track takes you over a huge field of smooth even lava and beautiful scenery.
The only negative part of the whole trip is the final descend after about 15 km. Here the track ends in a very steep canion which is not cycleable so you have to walk down the final bit.
Nevertheless the route is really good fun.

A video track of the route can be found here:

Rating: 1-5 points
View: 4 points
Difficulty: 4
Technicality: 4
Flow: 5
Overall 5 points

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