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près de Moab, Utah (United States)

Slickrock. This is it. This is the trail. Everything you have googled on this trail is true. It is what you think it is going to be.
Unbelievable. Unique. A mountain bike experience you must have if you have a chance.
This trail is horribly difficult. It is technical. And it is dangerous unless you have certain level with your mountain bike. But, if you have that level, you must try yourself on it. The worst thing that can happen is that you walk the bike up those crazy insane ramps and, or, you walk the bike on some downhill passages that you just don't feel...

Ramping up. The first time you walk the bike you are angry... grrr... haven't done 1 km and I am already pushing the bike up... The seocnd time and third time you do that you wonder if this is your trail... maybe I am not in any good shape at all.. look at those bikers they are cycling up those ramps... tell you what... after 10 times walking the bike up the ramp... you are all of the sudden reconciled with it. And you start enjoying. You push sometimes, and sometimes you give up and walk it up. No shame. You are enjoying one of the best trails in the world. ... : )

Ramping down. Everything is perfectly doable if you have certain level. Riding on pure sand-rock petrified like a million years ago... is just an experience you can't miss. Going down those ramps and turning as you do it and finding your way out of the ramp down... will test your nerve and after you familiarise with it you will enjoy the adrenaline and concentration those magic seconds...

The views of the Colorado river are breathtaking; at the top, if you manage to take the trail against the "bike-jams"at rush hours you will enjoy the solitude and the wind as a couple of other solo bikers are going through their tough but amazing experience and a look between them and you will be enough to say hello and express all the rest that s going on.


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