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près de Vallorbe, Canton de Vaud (Swiss Confederation)

Excellent mtb track near the Lac de Joux. It is one of the nicest tracks I have ever made, the surrounding area is astonishing and most of the track is well signposted. If you are close to the Jura, this is an excellent option to enjoy some mountain biking!!

Start at Vallorbe and go uphill towards Le Pont and Les Charbonnieres through a very easy wide track.

From there, you start going up through meadows. There are many farms in this part and several gates (to keep the cows inside) that you will need to open. You will go near the Chalet des Esserts, where you can buy cheese if you want ;)

After this you go into the forest and go most of the time through single tracks. The path was quite muddy what made it tougher, more challenging but also made it funnier. The signposts show you all the time the right way.

After reaching the highest point of the route at 1380m you will continue face a really fun downhill. This is by far the best part of the route!! A narrow single track between the trees with some slightly technical parts. Great!!

You leave the forest and reach Le Sentier. From them come back to Le Pont riding all the time near the lake. From there, come back to Vallorbe. If you still have some energies left you can follow this track. If not, then come back through the same track you came.

1. Notice my stupid mistake in km20. Don´t do the same ;)
2. I started and finished in Vallorbe. However if you want to make a shorter track, you can start and finish in Le Pont and you will cover the most beautiful part of the track.
3. In Le Lieu I kept going through the road (I think I missed a signpost!), but it is actually better to take the path that goes closest to the lake.

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