I'm from the city of Bergen, and I love to hike the mountains around here. I also love taking photos, and then I always carry my camera. I'm 19 years old.

Note: I do not have a GPS, so all the trails are hand-drawn in Google Maps. I use to be very detailed in the drawing, but there can be small mistakes. Still, I will often explain the trail in the note under the trails.

Membre depuis octobre 2009

  • Livarden

    4,05 kilomètres - Modéré

    près de Totland, Hordaland (Norway)

  • Ulriken

    5,41 kilomètres - Modéré

    près de Kronstad, Hordaland (Norway)

  • Rundemanen and Fløyen

    14,97 kilomètres - Facile

    près de Skansen, Hordaland (Norway)

  • Damsgårdsfjellet

    1,62 kilomètres - Facile

    près de Damsgård, Hordaland (Norway)

  • Lyderhorn

    2,1 kilomètres - Modéré

    près de Loddefjord, Hordaland (Norway)

  • Løvstakken

    3,78 kilomètres - Modéré

    près de Bønes, Hordaland (Norway)