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près de New City, Maine (United States)

This hike is advanced and is an adventure you won’t forget be- cause Maine has a really scenic wildlife, along with Baxter Park being a nature preserve the outdoor experience here is really secluded. To get here you must drive to Maine, bear in mind this is a bonus hike outside of the Hudson Valley New York area.

The winter conditions on Katahdin are extreme so with the days being shorter and cooler with snow and ice accumulating at the peak, Katahdin trails may be closed. During the rainy season the park may close trails if officials find conditions unsafe due to lightening.

Mount Katahdin consist of a cluster of mountains, the highest peak being Baxter Peak. Be prepared as this hike would be classified as advanced. A summons will be issued to hikers who hike closed trails if park enforcement runs into you.

The position below will take you to the head of the Hunt trail where the hike begins.

Calling Baxter Park months in advanced to obtain a reservation will guarantee your hiking experience in Maine. For more infor- mation call: (207) 723-9905


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