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près de Koq’o, Samegrelo and Zemo Svaneti (Georgia)

Amazing 5-day trek to one of the most beautiful places in Georgia, Tobavarchkhili lake and further to Svaneti. First 3 days are spent walking to the lake, another 2 days takes crossing to Khaishi village in Svaneti.

For full description of the trek please visit www.caucasus-trekking.com/treks/toba

13 commentaires

  • Photo de Beyond Action

    Beyond Action 18 sept. 2015

    How is the weather to trek nowadays?

  • Photo de Caucasus Trekking

    Caucasus Trekking 18 sept. 2015

    Should be fine for the next week, days are hot and I dont think there is already fresh snow on the passes

  • Matt Ebiner 18 févr. 2016

    Outstanding information - thank you! Now I want to go trekking in Georgia, thanks to you!

  • Photo de Caucasus Trekking

    Caucasus Trekking 18 févr. 2016

    Nice to hear it, thats why I created that web in the first place :)

  • leisenberg.philipp 11 mars 2016

    Looking forward to to this trek soon!
    Thank you!

  • Photo de Caucasus Trekking

    Caucasus Trekking 11 mars 2016

    You´re welcome :) But by "soon", I hope you mean summer 2016 - now there is still lots of snow on the passes..

  • Photo de agentapplepie

    agentapplepie 15 mars 2016

    what about going there in a second half of May? is it possible to see lakes uncovered with ice and snow at this period? or its just a waste of time?
    also, what conditions is the path after lakes in? I mean is it visible and easy to navigate or better to make second part end up to Naguru?

    besides, thanks a lot, You did a great work!

  • Photo de Caucasus Trekking

    Caucasus Trekking 15 mars 2016

    Hello, I think it is too soon - there shall be still too much snow on the mountain passes so it could be quite risky. Dont know anybody who visited those lakes so early in the season. Maybe route from Naguru could be open, but I recommend to contact Toba travel agency first.

  • Photo de agentapplepie

    agentapplepie 16 mars 2016

    thanks! think so too, but there is small hope, that the spring will be early this year, and we finaly could see such beauty

  • Photo de Caucasus Trekking

    Caucasus Trekking 16 mars 2016

    I know, but I just read every year about some tourists who get lost or even die on the route to the lake and I dont want this number to grow because of my guide.
    Hikers familiar with winter trekking may be able to make it, but I certainly wouldnt recommend to do this hike in late May to ordinary hiker. But if you still decide to try it, pls let me know how it went, I would like to know how the route looks at this period.

  • Photo de agentapplepie

    agentapplepie 16 mars 2016

    Ok, if i do it, im let you know. thanks once more!

  • Photo de GeorgianTour.com

    GeorgianTour.com 16 mars 2016

    agentapplepie - It will be impossible and also not as beautiful ) Come back anytime from late June to late September

  • Photo de agentapplepie

    agentapplepie 16 mars 2016

    sad to hear...( but anyway, there a lot to see in Georgia. I`d like to go there in summer, but we`ve got tickets to May, already. well, maybe next year..
    anyway, thanks for advices!

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