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Uploaded 14 août 2017

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près de Lescun, Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France)

The Senda is a cross-border circuit which takes in part of the Pyrenean Haute Route and the Spanish Senda Pirenaica (GR11), and touches the French Pyrenean Way (GR10) at Lescun. If you follow the standard trek it will take six days but there are many official and unofficial variants.

It is little know in anglophone circles - we didn't meet a single anglophone who was walking it, though there were a few on the Haute Route and other shorter walks.

We particularly liked the variety of landscapes, from voluptuous pastures to stark angular rocks. And also the staffed hostels at the end of each day which meant we had very light rucksacks. We went swimming in the lake at Arlet.

it is worth noting that the very long day from Linza to Gabardito (10 hours, 1640m ascent, 1600m descent, 23 km) can be shortened by staying in the hostel at the Zuriza camp site or, as we did, in the hostel at the Borda Bisaltico.

The times quoted on the Senda de Camille website http://www.lasendadecamille.com/stages.html are reasonable, though we walked Arlet to Lescun in five hours (as opposed to 7-7.5 hours) because we wanted to get to shelter as quickly as possible. That was the only day it rained and boy did it rain!

The official route from Linza to Zuriza takes you along the road but there is a well-marked GRT path parallel to the road which we took in part.

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  • Photo de NH=Hillwalker

    NH=Hillwalker 14 août 2017

    Hi Steve Did you take the relatively new section from the Lizera Refugio to Candanchu, and if so what did you think of it? Thanks, Tom Wheeler

  • Photo de NH=Hillwalker

    NH=Hillwalker 14 août 2017

    Whoops, I forgot to look at your GPS track. I see that you took the old route down into the Gave Aspe. I will be on parts of the Camille in less than a month and am planning on taking the new route from the Bozo Pass. Last I knew it is waymarked, but the cables or chains weren't installed yet.

  • Photo de stevecracknell

    stevecracknell 14 août 2017

    Hello Tom

    When I was in Lizara there were some Spanish people heading for Candanchu who were assuming the chains were already in place and wanting to know what they were like. I didn't see them later so I don't know what they thought of them...

  • Photo de NH=Hillwalker

    NH=Hillwalker 14 août 2017

    Steve, I found this report from a few weeks ago: http://chematapia.blogspot.com.es/2016/10/gr-11-et3-lizara-candanchu-de-estreno.html Looking forward to my departure en route to Spain. am toying with the thought of after I finish this years GR 11 section, taking a bus to Saint Jean and walking the Camino de Santiago again through October and November. I typically don't buy round trip tickets giving me unlimited time to play.

  • Photo de stevecracknell

    stevecracknell 15 août 2017

    Thanks for the info Tom. I see that their route doesn't correspond to the projected one http://www.lasenda.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/diversion.jpg but only at the end. It's good to be able to wander without a timetable...

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